Fading Words

Tonight ideas fill my head

They dance around like fireflies

Voices and the words they said

Characters live out their lives

As faith without some work is dead

So words unwritten often fade

And now it’s time to go to bed

But there has been no progress made

So now I hope tomorrow proves

To be a more productive day

So long as I recall this truth:

For what we love, we make a way.


A Few Haiku

I’m excited to be done with the blog challenge on my fitness and spirituality blogs. I’m really excited because that means I can return to this one with renewed vigor.

I wrote a couple haiku as I thought about this:

A to Z Challenge /
Fifty two blog posts written /
I could take a break

But the characters /
They keep talking in my head /
They take no days off

Also, it’s snowing. Snow in May? Seriously?

Nature’s mink blanket /
A fluffy white comforter /
Covers all tonight

Snow — cold, soft, lovely / Falls like manna from God, but /
I watch from afar.

It’s well past appropriate and healthy bedtime. So now as I close my computer and schedule this blog post for the morning, I’ll add one more.

Sleep beckons, eyes droop /
Plans unfinished protest, yet /
New mercies await

Time Flies

I had a few moments to think today, and in passing I noted the “about” on my author page mentions a promise of “the occasional haiku.”

I’ve been busy blogging in the A to Z Challenge for April, on my fitness blog and my worship blog. So have a bunch of other folks, most of them worth the time to read.

But poetry is right for this blog, so here you go.

I started out light-hearted.

Lunch was going great
Until my two year old son
Squeezed the juice box hard

Today: high sixties
And yet this week’s forecast: snow
Spring, make up your mind!

A few more poignant examples:

Work week starts today.
Day in, day out, weeks rush by,
“Work” turns into years.

My daughter’s thirteen.
Wasn’t it just yesterday
She first squeezed my hand?

My son, eyes heavy,
Sleeps upon my chest, a peace
Past understanding

Haiku is a great format to get the creative energy started and arrange words in ways you wouldn’t normally attempt. The required brevity forces some measure of concise writing. Give it a shot.

Care to post a haiku in the comments? I’d love to see what’s on your mind.